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As a proud sponsor of SC Toronto, one of the most well known soccer clubs in Toronto, we look forward to fuelling the club by advertisement toward success in the coming future. SC Toronto was established in 1997. The club has over 170 house league recreational teams and also has many rep and all-star teams within the organization. JMport Design House strives to succeed by sponsoring the U-16 boys rep team in the 2015 summer season. We wish them the best of luck in the coming season and look forward to seeing what's in store for the future.

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Two is better than One...don't get it confused

Are you busy a lot of the time, on the go, lots to do? lots of plans, lots of goals?, then I have a great tip that'll create all the difference in the world, and you probably already do this, what I'll show you is a more efficient way of doing it.

Our minds are not yet hard wired for the amount of multitasking that we do on a daily basis (yet we tend to think we are really good at this and I am generalizing here, but it's proven a lot people actually think they are excellent multitaskers) we really aren't and there is a tremendous amount of data to back this up. However we are really good at achieving objectives if we do them one by one at a time, our brain works extremely well at achieving the goals we set if we allow our minds to focus on one task at a time.

Here's the tip: Use two books to organize it all!, keep these two books on you at all times!.

Book 1: Only use this book to write down specific to do's you have, create lists with priorities to the first ones you write down. ie:

1. Call John ask him if he needs to finish the company cards:__
2. Get tax papers in order then go do them:__
3. Call new client, see if there is something else you can do for him:__
4. Call Trevor, ask feedback on finished project, ask for recommendation of my work:__

Book 2: Only use this book to write, sketch, doodle/jot any concepts or ideas related to anything of value you are looking to create down the line. *Idea about networking better……….. *Sketch of that new logo I am working on *calculations on how much I have made this month freelancing *website refresh sketches

Why do this, why divide these two informational areas? …Plenty of reasons.

1. You begin to achieve clarity in your daily and long term priorities.
2. When tracking back you will easily find what it is you seek without unnecessary distractions (which are now more than ever. Ever go on your phone to find something only to end up insta-looking, Facebook-glancing then Linkeding-networking, If you are an up and coming professional YOU know what I mean.

Essentially, you will now be multitasking more than ever with a more linear focused system in place that will create mental barriers between the many tasks and ideas that come with your increasingly fast paced lifestyle. I've been doing this for 4 years now and love it!. Since I started this practice I am way more productive focused and clear at identifying important information I need to seek when I need it.

Now your minds eye will categorize all your information in two different categories, the to dos and the ideas category, can you see all your data mentally moving in two directions? if you do then I hope you can appreciate the feeling of mental organization.

" I am not a professional writer, here's my professional opinion"


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