Charlesglen Toyota.


70,000+ sqft Toyota store in need of its unique brand and look to convey its merits and accentuate the new building.
We designed and installed for the showrooms, conference rooms, kids area delivery and service areas.

What we did.


Developed the plan for execution alongside key decision makers maintaining and adhering to the high standards of the Toyota brand.

Creative Direction.

Guided the artistic direction and implementation of the program, the signs and all the graphics involved.

Graphic Design & Production.

Our team created all the designs and production files for well over 45 different designs throughout the Toyota store in the showrooms, sales rooms, the cafeteria, kids room, service bays and many other spots. Coordinated print production and entire installation on time!


Testimonial - Todd Richardson, Dealer & General Manager.

  • "I had the pleasure of working with Juan during the construction of our new Toyota dealership in Calgary. Juan was working for a company that was hired to help create some interior work for our showroom and mid-way through the process the company's founder had some financial issues which prevented him to fulfill his obligations to us. Juan took over from this point and was able to complete the project and the final work turned out better than expected. I also intend to have Juan work with me on future projects. He can be trusted and counted on.

    Charlesglen Toyota